Monday, January 19, 2009

Target and Old Navy Deals

So part of being Frugal is hitting the deals when you can and get stuff you need or will need in the future and will use. So this weekend Target and Old Navy were having MAJOR deals. We hit both of them, especially since we get an extra 10% off of everything at Target since Daddy works there part time and Old Navy's deals were 50% off all their celerance that was already 50% off. So here is what we got.

Target - OOP 23.52 clothes for Sassy

Old Navy - OOP 27.17 more clothes for Sassy

Old Navy - OOP 11.96 some clothes for Mama

Old Navy - OOP 27.95 some clothes for Daddy
For a Grand total of $90.60 for 28 pieces of clothing. That's a little over $3 for each article of clothing. You can't beat that!!

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