Monday, February 23, 2009

Produce Junction!

Okay so it takes a lot for me to get excited about food shopping and prices, usually because I am always in shock by how much things cost even at the outlet stores. So anyway, remember how I said we had a new produce place in town which was claiming cheap produce. Well I went today and checked it out. Here is what I got....

Bananas - 2.00
Okra - 2.00
Grapes - 2.00
2 heads of Iceberg lettuce - 1.50
For a Grand Total of 7.50!!!

I am in shock... Now this place is unfortunately not right down the road from us, however venturing there every two weeks is definitely do able especially at these prices. The selection was fabulous. The okra was the best looking stuff I have ever seen north of the Mason Dixon. So the bananas are green still, they should come around in a day or two. Daddy is really looking forward to the banana bread.

If you have any great recipes for bananas send them my way. I will be looking for something to do with all of the extras.

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