Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recalled Crib = New Crib

So Sassy's crib was recalled. She hasn't been in it in over 6 months and it was packed away in my mom's attic, so off I went to drag it out and send all of the appropriate pieces back to the manufactor in order to get my refund. Well my refund was a vocher to Babies R Us for $241.99 towards a purchase for a new crib.

The first one is Sassy's old crib it was just a simple nothing fancy crib. We have an extra queen bedroom set that was Daddy and I's so we have planned for Sassy to get that when she our grows her toddler bed.

The second one is the new crib, for the future baby. It is one of those convertable cribs, it goes from a crib to a daybed to a head board and foot board for a double bed. Which is perfect considering we also have an extra double bed that it stored in my mom's attic. (I love the fact that my parents have a full size attic, when I say full size think - 80 feet long x 10 feet high x 20 feet wide)

Now as long as we don't have any more than 2 kids, I won't need to purchase anymore bedroom sets!!!

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