Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

So I am missing my reciept from my big shopping trip this weekend and with no photo to show me all what I bought. I really can't account for it. I can tell you that I spend $45 dollars on it though and I did get some really good deals.

So I am wondering how you avoid the sales and only buy what you need for the week. I am struggling with that. I did not need really anything this week but our local grocery store ran their $1 coupon doubler again. So I was enticed by a great deal on Folgers Gourmet Coffee - I bought 2 bags after coupons and grocery deals for 6.75, normally the price of one. Great deal, but again it wasn't a need this week.

So please tell me how you avoid the deals and only shop for the needs especially when the deals will eventually be your needs.....

I did hit Produce Junction this weekend and I did get a photo of that...

Produce Junction
2# Green Beans 2.00
2 heads of Lettuce 1.50
Grape Tomatoes 1.50
Total 5.00 ish


  1. I can't offer you any advice because I do the same thing! I am doing an eating out of my freezer/pantry challenge but yet I still go grocery shopping all the time because of good sales!

  2. I think the key is to have a set dollar amount to work with...enough to cover your needs and then something extra for deals. If you only buy needs, you will never have a little stockpile to work with. However, if you only have enough money for what you absolutely must have this week, that's okay.

  3. I haven't really 'needed' anything for nearly two weeks..I've really been trying to use what I already have in the pantry and meats I've got frozen in the freezer. I do however hit the sales to create a stockpile..this week our kroger had a lot of 10 for 10 deals. I still did well with coupons and even though I don't plan on using what I bought this week, I know I'll incorporate them into next weeks menu.

  4. One thing that really helps us is only shopping once month. It took a long time to work up to, but it saves lots of time and money. Also, I keep myself from looking at sales until the week I go. Or, try shopping every other week. You can do it!

  5. My budget allows for that week's needs. If I have money leftover, I try to use "some" of it for a really great deal like meats, razors, TP, etc. But I also try some weeks to just ignore the deals because I need the "padding" of being under budget for those weeks I go over. I've become much more disciplined about going STRAIGHT to the aisle and going STRAIGHT to the check-out. I only allow myself a small amount of time to grocery shop every week and that's always my reasoning for not stopping to browse. I waste time AND money! It's tough, but I've been doing this since January this year and I'm getting much better. Baby steps...not perfection! ;-)

  6. I am struggling with this too, I like the idea of not allowing alot of shopping time-I will have to try that.


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  8. I go for the deals ON THINGS WE EVENTUALLY WILL NEED that will not go bad before we can use them, or veggies that I can freeze. As far as sticking to your weekly budget, try this: Either put the grocery money in cash in a jar and spend only from that jar, or use a notebook or computer program to track your spending. Put in the budgeted amount of grocery money each week, and then stock up on what's on sale and choose your perishables to make meals with those items or what you already have, spending as much as that costs each week but only from the money you have available.

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