Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

So on Sunday Daddy surprised me by telling me that he didn't have to work all day and he was going to spend it with Sassy and I. I was very excited and then I realized he wanted to go grocery shopping with me and he wanted to change the menu for that night. Let me just say, I have a plan for a reason, I like, NO I love it! I need a plan to help me keep my sanity, but sometimes that is thrown out the window. Let me also say everytime Daddy comes with me to the store we ALWAYS end up over budget! No matter how hard I try. Also no pictures this week since Daddy helped unpack and put most of it away for I could stop him.

So needless to say this week was no different. We did hit some really good deals at both Target and Pathmark, but I am still $37 over budget and I was just informed that we are almost out of soda, so I guess I am heading back to the store for more of at too. I do not plan to shop next week except for neccessities and the rest of the menu for the huge family vacation, so I should end up okay in the end.

To see how Gayle and all the other ladies did this week check out the Grocery Cart Challenge.

Tortias 2.09 (sale -0.59) 1.50
2 Kraft Natural Cheese (sale -1.10) 5.00
Gallon 1% Milk 2.89
Half Gallon Whole Milk 1.60
Gallon Organic Whole Milk 5.89
18 ct Eggs 1.59
Hairbrush 3.17
Total OOP 21.83

Smartfood 3.00 (-$1 MFR coupon -$1 Target coupon) 1.00
Quacker Rice Cakes 1.67 (-$1 Target coupon) 0.67
Teddy Grahams 2.49 (-0.49 sale -$1.00 Target coupon) 1.00
100 Cal Snack 1.93 (-$1 Target coupon) 0.93
True Delights Granola Bars 2.89 (-$1 MFR coupon -$1 Target coupon) 0.89
Quattro Razor 9.94 (-$4 MFR coupon -$2 Target coupon) 3.94
Goody Hair clips 2.78 (clearance)
Total OOP 11.21

4 Kotex Tampon 14.76 (-$3.20 sale -$1.56 Big Buy -$1 MFR coupon 1/1 -$1.50 MFR coupon 1/2) 7.50
3 Quaker Granola Bars 9.57 (-$2.07 sale) 7.50
2 Fruit Loops 8.98 (-$3.98 sale -$1 MFR coupon 1/1 -$2 Big Buy) 2.00
2 Frosted Flakes 8.38 (-$3.38 sale -$1 MFR coupon 1/1 -$2 Big Buy) 2.00
Cherrios Oat Clusters 4.69 (-$2.70 sale -$0.75 coupon doubled(1.50)) 0.49
Snow Crab ($5.99/lb) 20.55 Daddy purchase
Romaine Lettuce 1.73
3 ears of Corn 0.99 (-0.42 sale) 0.57
2# Red Grapes 1.99
Frozen Scallops 7.98 Daddy purchase
8 Poterhouse Steaks 42.36 (-$21.67 sale) 20.69 Daddy purchase
-2.25 (Cashier scaned my 0.75 coupon multiple times - not sure why but my gain)
Total OOP 70.32

Total OOP 103.36

Side note - Daddy did make me a FABULOUS Mother's Day Dinner of Crab legs, Scallops and Corn on the cob!

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