Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grocery Challenge

Again no picture. I did a late night run to the store this week and Daddy was still up when I got home and before I could stop him he had already put away half of the groceries. How sweet!

Again we went over the budget this week. However, we are completely stocked in our freezer and do not have to buy any more meat for a while. I picked up some novelty items like ready to bake cookies, for Elle's birthday party at school and here with friends, since I am going to be making a cake and cupcakes as well. I went for ease. So here's the total...

Giant Food Store

4c Raspberry Tea mix to Go - 3.99
4c Raspberry Tea mix - 3.99
2 12 pks Diet Coke - 7.34 (This is a habit I am trying to break hence the buying of the raspberry tea)
2 # Cake Flour - 2.65 (For Elle's birthday cakes next week)
Cake Mate decorating tips - 1.35 (can't find my old ones)
Coffee - 4.59
3.33 # Apples - 3.69
5# Potatoes - 3.89
Banquet Chicken Nuggets - 4.59 (The only ones that don't contain milk)
2 - 11# Whole Chickens - 13.08
2 Giant French Fries - 3.34
2 Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookies - 5.00
Fleishman's Yeast - 5.29
2 International Delight Creamer - 3.00
Soy Yogurt - 1.09
Gallon 1% Milk - 3.31
4c. Giant Shredded Mozz. Cheese - 3.34

Total Before Coupons - 73.53

Pillsbury Cookies 0.75
Doubled 0.25
Fleishman's Yeast 0.45
Doubled 0.45
Instore Coupon .50
Instore Coupon 2.00
Total Coupons - 4.40

Total OOP - 69.13

2 half gallons of Archer Farms Vanilla Soy Milk - 5.18
Cheezits - 3.09
2 Honey Bunches of Oats twin pack - 8.48
Ground Cinnamon - 0.99
Ground Cumin - 0.92
Heinz Turkey Gravy - 1.07

-$1.00 Coupon
-10% Emp discount
-10% extra emp discount

Total OOP - 16.23

So Total between Giant and Target $85.36

okay so twice the budget but I am hoping for but positive note is that hopefully the next couple of weeks will be less so it will all even out in the end.

Check out how others are spending their weekly grocery budgets HERE.


  1. Hey atleast your trying right? I have not hit my low budget goal yet either...it probably takes time to get good at it...right?

    Stay frugal...and I pray you pay off that dept...being dept free is beyond rewarding!


  2. They say practice makes perfect right. So I guess we have a lot of work to do it we get there. Thanks for the support.

  3. Hi! I agree, practice makes perfect. I have not met my grocery goal many weeks but like you said, it all evens out, usually. Thanks for sharing your blog on The Grocery Cart Challenge-I will be bookmarking it. I also am happy to see that Banquet chicken nuggest are milk free, I am taking my oldest off of all dairy tomorrow for a trial run. I will have to pick some up next week.