Wednesday, February 11, 2009

God provides..... Bread

Shall we talk about how God always provides and supports us in all we do.

Daddy calls me at work a week ago to let me know that our garage fridge is currently 50 degrees. Now let me tell you that we live on the east coast and the day he called it was 12 degrees outside. So this was a little problem. Luckily we had know that the fridge was acting up so I had removed all of the major food items and had just left some bread, ice cream pops and freezer packs in there. Needless to say the ice cream had melted all over the bread. So we lost all but about 3 loaves.

Thankfully, I have had a desire lately to try my hand at making my own bread. I kind of figured, I should try it before I ran completely out of bread in the freezer. So I thankfully made my first batches of homemade bread a couple of days before the freezer went.

I used this recipe from Mommy's Kitchen. I made two batches one plain and one cinnamon. I made the cinnamon with 2/3 cups of sugar, it was a HUGE hit. We will definitely be making more homemade bread at home.

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