Sunday, February 15, 2009

Menu Plan 2/16/09

So this week, two nights are mine. It's not often that I get to have a couple nights to myself and to spend with friends. On Monday night I have a meeting with my local EcoMom's group and then on Friday night I am having dinner with some girlfriends. So obviously our menu this week reflects the fact that I am not home and Daddy is working at Target a couple of nights this week as well.

Breakfast for Dinner – Cereal or Pancakes or Eggs

Meatball Sandwiches On Rolls

Pack for Sassy's Lunch - Chicken Nuggets & Crackers
Dinner - Salmon, French Fries, Peas

Pack for Sassy's Lunch - Butternut Squash & Roll
Dinner - Pot Roast – reheat meal

Pack for Sassy's Lunch - Soy Yogurt
Dinner - On Your Own

Ribs, Baked Beans & Salad

Bake Cookies & Bread
Chicken on the Rotisserie, Gravy, Corn & Mashed Potatoes

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