Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

This week, was a pretty typical week for us. We are starting to run out of staples in our house like Toilet paper and cereal. So I have to pick some of this up at the regular store instead of BJ's. We won't have the money for BJ's till the end of the month when we get our tax return back. So till then I will be stocking up at the grocery store with sales and coupons. This might continue as long as I can keep finding good deals at the stores.

Ohh, I heart $1 doubler coupons. This is the time of the month when our local grocery store puts 4 - $1 coupon doublers in the weekly mailer. It means that I get to match up their sales with my best $1 coupons to have them doubled up to $2. Here's how we did.

Kix Cereal 3.99
Tortillias 2.15
6pk Toilet Paper 3.54
2 Post Cereals 4.00
Taco Shells 1.49 (they ended up being stale and I returned them)
Raspberry Tea 3.29
Coffee 4.59
Lettuce 1.49
Radishs 1.79
1 Onions 1.23
Creamer 2.75
4 Soy Yogurts 4.00
Soy Cheese 3.95
Gallon 1% milk 2.90
Half gallon whole milk 1.60
Giant Spread 2.29 (only one that doesn't contain milk)
Alka seltzer cold 3.85
Tylenol pm 6.19
Contact Solution 6.39
Total 57.94

Kix 0.75
double 0.25
Tylenol Pm 1.00
$1 double coupon 1.00
Contact Solution 1.00
$1 double coupon 1.00
Quilted Northern 1.00
$1 double coupon 1.00
Post Cereal Coupon 1.00
$1 double coupon 1.00

Total 48.94


  1. What an inspiration you are! WE are following you and your family down this journey, as we have the exact same debt. We are truly grateful to have found someone we can blog with and receive and offer encouragement to! WE CAN DO THIS....PSALM 23

  2. You did really good this week! I really enjoyed reading your blog!