Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

Weekly Shopping Trip 3/9/09

So this week is going to be an extra busy week. I am having two different functions in my house on Monday. What was I thinking (oh right, only have to super clean the house once). Sassy is having a play date on Monday morning with a bunch of our friends and then Monday night I am having some moms from the EcoMom group, I help organize over to learn about the hazards that are in typical household cleaners. So this is why there are some extras in the trip this week... like a box of Cheerybrook Farms Cookie Mix, this is a great cookie mix that is completely vegan since Sassy is allergic to milk and one of Sassy's friends is allergic to eggs so this insures there is something for everyone to eat at our play date... then with the moms coming over we are going to have cheese, crackers and veggies and dip. So these items added about 20 to the budget this week. I honestly don't know how Gayle keeps so good in budget every week. I guess practice makes perfect. Click HERE to check out how she and others did this week.

Buy Rite Liquidators
I usually don't shop here, but we were in the area and I wanted to check it out.
Motts Tots Juice Boxes -36pk - 4.99
2 Honey nut Cheerios - 3.58
Tater Sticks - 0.50
2 Huggies Flushable wipes - 2.80 (Sassy has finally started going poop on the potty YEA!)
Huggies Shampoo & Conditioner - 2.25
2 Teas to Go - 2.50
Irish Spring Soap - 1.50
Kleenex Tissues - 1.10
2 Organic Vegan Mac N Cheese - 1.60
Adam & Eve Apple Juice - 1.00
Green Works Cleaner - 1.49
Beef & Pasta - 1.00
Pretzels - 1.29
Chips - 2.50
Tampons - 2.15
Ziploc bags - 1.50
Hazelnut Coffee - 3.50
2 8 pk. Gatorade - 8.98
Total - 48.46

This is why I usually don't buy Daddy chips when I go to the store. The bag of chips that are in the picture above, here they are 2 hours later. His theory is you bought them to be eaten so what does it matter if I eat them as soon as we get home.

Giant Foods
Yellow Corn Meal - 1.75
Whole Wheat Egg Noodles - 1.49
Egg Noodles - 1.00
Beef Bouillon - 2.29
Wheat Thins - 3.29
Hodgson Mill Yeast - 0.49
Cherrybrook Farms Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix - 4.49
2 Giant Fruit Bowls - 3.58
Giant Baking Cups - 0.72
Pure Vanilla Extract - 3.99
Marshmallows - 0.89
Gallon 1% Milk - 2.80
Half Gallon Natures Promise Plain Soy Milk - 2.69
2 Half Gallons Natures Promise Vanilla Soy Milk - 2.38
3 Blocks of Cheese - 5.00
Sour Cream - 1.09
Total - 40.99

Produce Junction

2 Eggplants - 2.00
2# Grapes - 2.00
1# Pears - 1.00
3# Carrots - 1.00
Celery - 1.25
Total 7.25

Total OOP 96.70 Ouch! this is a little high, even if I subtract what I bought for the gatherings it's still $10 over our goal. Well we will try again next week. Check back to see our meal plan this week.

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