Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

So this week I was finally under budget!!! YEAH!!! Maybe I should take Sassy to the store with me more often, that way I have no time to browse the aisles, I just get in and out. This week is kind of up in the air as we had Sassy's milk food challenge. As of right now she has had NO adverse reactions to milk. We are going increase her milk intake over the next few days and see how she does. We are praying hard that she is no longer allergic. So here is how my grocery run went this week. Also check out the Gayle over at Grocery Cart Challenge to see how everyone else did.

Tostitos 3.50
Cottonel Flushable Wipes 2.26
Cottonel Refill Wipes 3.52
Stroehmann Bread 3.59
Organic Celery 2.99
3 # Organic Apples 3.99
Drumsticks 3.49
Kraft Cheese Sticks 4.04
2 Yogurts 1.00
1% Gallon Milk 3.00
2 quarts Whole Milk 1.76
Total OOP 33.14

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