Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekly Shopping 4/27

Well, this week has been a roller coaster for us, and Sassy's milk allergy. We had a food challenge and you can read the details HERE.

They opened up a Pathmark in our area. I have checked them out. They claim they are cheaper than Giant and Wegman's however, they are not on all products. So I ran in and got a couple of items that were on sale and then headed to Giant for the rest. Check out my totals and total saved. I really did well this week.

2 - 1# Strawberries 3.00
22 pk single Potato Chips sacks - 6.49 (-0.55 coupon doubled) 5.39
4 - 12pk Coke 9.98
Pack of Wrigley's Gum 1.19 (Free after coupon)
Total OOP 18.87
With coupons and sales I saved a total of 19.15!!

Reynolds foil 2.49 (-$1 coupon) 1.49
Whole grain Goldfish carton 8.49
Multi grain Cheerios 3.19 (-$1 coupon) 2.19
2 Ziploc Small Containers 5.58 (-$1.50 coupon) 4.08
Quaker Rice Cakes 2.15
3 pk Sparkle Paper Towels 2.99 (-$1.00 coupon) 1.99
2 Frosted Flakes 4.98 (-$1.00 coupon) 3.98
Bertolli Olive Oil 4.99 (-$1.00 Giant coupon) (-$1.00 MF coupon) 2.99 such a super deal!
6 pk Scott's Paper Towels 5.50 (-$1.00 coupon) 4.50
2 Adam & Eve Juice Bottles 5.00 (-$1.00 coupon ) 4.00
Kashi Fruit Rolls 2.99
Fruit Nuggets 2.15
3# Organic Apples 3.49 (-$0.50 coupon) 2.89
2- 6# All Natural Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 15.27
2 - Sirlon Steaks BOGO Free - 15.37
Daily Special Pot Roast 3.33
Daily Special Steak 2.85
Cheese Sticks - 3.65
Gallon 1% Milk - 2.85
1/2 Gallon Whole milk - 1.58
1/2 Gallon Organic Milk - 3.79
TOTAL OOP - 93.40
I saved with coupons and sale items a total of $51.83! Wow does that make me feel good

Total out of pocket is 112.27! I had a budget this week of $100 so I went a little over that, I know exactly were I spent it though, on the chicken and manager's specials meat. However, all that food is enough to feed us for 11 meals, so I should be good again for a couple of weeks.

Check out how Gayle and the others did this week at the Grocery Cart Challenge

Last minute addition
I just got off the phone with Sassy's allergist and we need to pull her off of Milk for the rest of the week. (The saga continues). So I am going to have to make a run out to the store tonight and pick up some soy milk and soy cheese to get us through till the weekend. So that adds about another $10 to my total above.

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  1. Found you @ GCC- we shop at Martins (a Giant chain) and love it! Alot of people tell me they think they are more expensive, but I've checked prices w/ other stores & they are not! I love their natures promise managers meat specials - they have some every time I shop!